Riggers D.8 is a casual neighbourhood eatery on bustling Emmet Road, nestled between Inchicore and Kilmainham in the heart of Dublin 8.


Riggers D.8 is so-called after owner and chef Shane Rigney or Riggers to all but his parents. Shane started his food business, Riggers Recipes in 2013 providing catering solutions for at-home parties, small private functions and eventually contracting to other cafes and small restaurants. He sold a range of high-end ready meals, sauces and condiments through an online platform and through small grocers and establishments around the Dublin area until 2017. At the time taking things forward, scaling up and moving into the investment arena and larger-scale production didn’t feel like the right fit for what Rigs wanted his brand to become.

And so an old school brick and mortar business with his own kitchen was the next step and Riggers D.8 opened in April 2018 focusing on providing easy, casual, contemporary food with subtle international influences to the cool kids of our little corner of Dublin 8 and beyond.

Starting with breakfast, lunch and specialising in a delicious weekend Brunch offering, we are now open for Dinner on thursday and friday evenings with a lively little wine licence and some local beers.

In the interim Shane has honed his knowledge of nutrition and our foods impact on the body and has worked as a private chef, food writer and consultant with brands such as Pure Results Bootcamp by Kathryn Thomas, Ben Dunne Gyms and many personal trainers and clients.

Riggers has delivered seminars and talks on healthy cooking,food for fuel and training and meal prep for body conditioning to many large corporate clients under his Riggers Recipes brand and will revisit this in the future with the current focus being on establishing Riggers D.8 as the best little eatery in the hood.


Many many many thanks to all our incredible patrons

Your support means the world and is continually appreciated

Riggers & the team